• Five Acre Plus parcels listed in Alphabetical Order
  • Parcels with power or near power are noted
  • Directions to many of the lots included with their description


Late May in SDCR Unit R-2 --Culebra Vista
SDCR Unit L - views and tress - privacy
Sunrise in SDCR - Taken from Unit C

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SDCR has covenants and is designed for residences although 90% of it is open and not settled consisting of some permanent residences and many camping sites 

It is required to get permits for building from the county - that includes driveways and septic systems

There is no regulation which prohibits camping, although recently the county defined the frequency that you can camp.  Sanitation and open fires are an issue.  

You must follow the county regulations 

We urge all prospective buyers to read the covenants thoroughly and be familiar with them.  We follow them and we expect you to also, if you purchase from us!

While you are purchasing land from us, we do not allow building projects, living on the land, or storing of equipment, supplies, or vehicles.  We do allow short-term camping.  All county Rules and Regulations must be followed regarding camping and permitting.  If you get our permission, you can put in a driveway and/or camping pad, with a permit from the county.  There might be a few exceptions, such as keeping a fire-pit on the property which we can allow on an individual basis.  


There are approximately 9,000 parcels of land in SDCR.

Click this map to see the UNIT location of land that you might be interested in



Site for camping or a cabin
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Picturesque and Mature Pinon on property
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Mountain View from this parcel
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Second mountain view from 3470
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East/South View from parcel
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Tall Trees on Parcel
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Courtesy Reservation: Sagar and Karlie 2-18-19

SDCR Unit C-2, Block 189, Lot 3470, 5.026 Acres; $12,500 Cash or Fast-Pay (one year).  Our financed price is $13,700 requring $4,000 down and 48 monthly payments of $202. 


Located to the west of the Heltzer Rd. cul-de-sac, this lot has a good amount of Pinion trees, and from about 200 feet off the road, there is a spectacular view of the Blanca Massif with its four 14,000' peaks. There are some potential building spots in and near the trees along the southeast boundary of the parcel, where a potential driveway and building pad would gain access to the views. Fort Garland -- with its three restaurants, two gas stations (one with a mechanic on duty), excellent hardware store, liquor store, Post Office and grocery store -- is less than 10 minutes' drive away. Alamosa is about 30 minutes to the west along U.S. Highway 160, with its health center, banks, Walmart, Safeway, numerous restaurants, college and other amenities. Taos, New Mexico is about 80 miles south. This year-round accessible lot would be ideal for a cabin or home with solar power, a well or cistern and septic system.


Directions:  From the intersection of U.S. Highway 160 and State Highway 159 in Fort Garland, travel east on Hwy. 160 1.8 miles and turn right through the Trinchera Ranches entrance. Drive 1.1 miles to a left onto Beekman Rd., then take Beekman 0.9 miles to a right turn onto Slaughter Rd. Take first right onto McLaughlin Rd., then first left onto Heltzer Rd. Follow Heltzer to the cul-de-sac at the end; lot is on left, with blaze tape markings at the corners along Heltzer. See attached maps. 

Aerial with GPS coordinates
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GIS Map of the parcel from County mapping
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Vegetation and mountain view
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Distant view through trees to neighbor's roof
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Tall Pinons scattered about
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Vista looking north
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Glimpse of Kelly Road from the parcel
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Orange Blaze marking boundary on the road
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SDCR Unit J, Block 115, Lot 1792 - 5.017 Acres - $9,900 Cash/FastPay, or $11,000 Financed with $2,000 down followed by $225 per month for 40 months.  (Fast Pay Down payment is $3,900 and 20 payments of $300
This parcel in Unit J is in a year-round accessible area with good dirt roads and several neighbors in the area.  It looks like a year-round neighbor backs up to the property on the north-west side.  The parcel has a great mix of  mature pinons and other native vegetation.  There is adequate level area for a cabin site or camping pad and  excellent views of the mountains in all directions.  Solar power is the way to go in this area.     We have clear title on this as we purchased it from individuals and it was never a tax certificate.

GPS Coordinates
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Plat map showing roads
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Google Map directions -overview
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Road Map from county system
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Directions to the J-3 Parcels - use maps to the side - click them to enlarge and print from home in case you don't have wi-fi in the area:

Turn into the Trinchera Ranches at Mile Marker 260 off of Hwy 160 (about 2 miles east of Fort Garland). Continue on the paved road heading SE about 1 miles until you take a slight left onto the dirt,  Beekman Rd.  After 2 miles, turn right onto Burnham Rd.  Look for a left turn after .9 mile to Reg Jones Rd.  In about .5 mile ,turn right onto Blaine Road.  Lot 7254 is on the east side of Blaine.  Use the GPS coordinates to find the corners. 
If you are heading to 7300, back track to Beekman and then turn right and stay on Beekman until a slight fork where Beekman goes straight but you stay right and go on Indian Creek.  Take a right turn on Tiernan and continue until you cross Butcher.  Lot 7300 is on the left.  Again, use the GPS coordinates, but you can also position yourself between Butcher and Barker Rd and see on the map the placement of lot 7300.  To continue to Lot 7409, backtrack to Indian Creek, turn right for about .8 of a mile and then turn right on Platten.  Use the GPS coordinates - property is on the left hand side of the road.  (Note, you may be able to find an alternate route from lot 7300 to 7409  by continuing up Tiernan and meandering around and over to an unnamed road, then turning left on Stone and dropping down to Platten.  We are not sure if they are passable up there or not, but if you want to explore you can be adventurous.)


Mike and Wolfgang Pow-wow on Blaine Rd
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Typical Terrain with mountains behind
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Mature pinon on property
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Lots of foilage and green in summer
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Shady, cool in summer - flat
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Blaine - property to the right of road
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North - Mountain View - fantastic
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Lots of potential inside the parcel
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SDCR Unit J-3, Block 329, Lot 7254-- 5.237 Acres -- $11,000 Cash/FastPay or $12,200. Financed, with $4,200 down followed by 40 monthly payments of $200

Excellent parcel in the "deluxe" J-3 area which was platted last and had nice wide roads and carefully developed parcels that were well-thought out in terms of the lay of the land.  This 5+ acres has flat spaces that would be super for camping or building later.  There are a variety of mature trees and great views to the mountains north.   The normal "run-off' gulley in the property is towards the back and would not be much of a factor when chosing a building or camping site.  A neighbor is down the road a ways, but nobody in the immediate vicinity, so plenty of privacy.  As with all our parcels, unless stated otherwise, this is Raw land and and has none of the required utilities for a cabin or home.  





Plat Map
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Mt. Blanca View across Platten
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Large trees and flat space
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Colorful fall rabbit brush
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Peeking through the trees on the parcel
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Looking SE along Platten
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Another view across the parcel looking north
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SDCR Unit J-3, Block 334, Lot 7409 - 5.013 Acres - $9,900 Cash/FastPay, or $11,000 Financed with $2,000 down followed by $225 per month for 40 months.  Fast pay in 20 months/same as cash: $3,900 down and $300 for 20 month

Aerial with coordinates along Platten
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Plat Map of 7409
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Nice idea of view from camping or cabin spot
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SDCR Unit L, Block 125, Lot 2042 -- 5.534 Acres.  $13,500 Cash or fast-pay or $14,900 Financed with $4,500 down and 48 payments of $216. 


This parcel located on the corner of Edmond Rd. and Pfotenhauer Rd. is wooded with Pinon, cedar, and has great open space for a camping pad and driveway. There is a super view of the mountains to the north and the two roads are well-maintained and most likely accessible year-round.  It would be an ideal place to camp on now and add the septic, well, and solar power later for a cabin or permanent residence.  It is RAW Land now and undeveloped. It is located about 30 minutes from Fort Garland, even though the distance is only around 12-15 miles, depending on how you are going. 

Coordinate Map
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Mapped directions
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Nice Trees Set Back from Sandoval
Sagebrush near road
Varied Terrain at Back of Lot
Beautiful Outcropping near Front of Lot
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View from High Ground Back toward Sandoval
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Mesa View from Center of Lot

Courtesy Reservation: Sagar and Karlie 2-18-19

SDCR Unit M, Block 127, Lot 2059 -- 5.13 Acres -- $8,100 Cash or Fast-Pay.  Financed:  $9,000 with $2,000 down and 48 monthly payments of $146. There is no interest with these payment options.

This parcel is located about 10 miles SE of Fort Garland on Sandoval Rd at Elevation 8,800’. The property has a frontage of 300’ on Sandoval and is over 700’ deep. At the northern boundary, it is adjacent to the
... more 170,000 acre Trinchera Ranch.

This is a property for the adventuresome. The land starts nearly flat from the road and after about 80’ enters into a thick stand of pinon trees. A cabin can be completely hidden in those trees. After about 200’ of gentle grade, the slope will get steep and after about 500’ it gets to a ridge with a great view looking down on the Trinchera Ranch. That is a steep down-slope facing north and it is covered in “dark timber” .

Since this is a SDCR Parcel, it qualifies for an augmented well permit and water use for a greenhouse or garden is ok plus the standard “inside domestic use”.

Driving Directions:  From Fort Garland take Colorado Hwy 159 south for 4+ miles and turn left at Mile Marker 28. (There are two red-brown container units at that intersection Take County Lane 6 east and at the intersection take the left fork. Go another mile and turn right at Luke and County Lane 6. Zero odometer as you turn on Luke. Head east on Luke for 1.3 miles and take the next left .Zero odometer again as you turn on Sandoval . Continue on Sandoval for 1.4 miles and stop vehicle as odometer turns over 1.40. Parcel M.2059 will be on your left and you should be near the center of the property. Parcel has about 300’ frontage on Sandoval and we marked the corners with orange tape.



Coordinate Map
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Plat map
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SDCR Unit M-3, Block 355, Lot 7895 - 5.487 Acres. $14,400 Cash or $16,000 financed.  For financing $5,000 down and 40 payments of $275.  Fast Pay (same as cash)  pay off in 20 months with $6,400 down and 20 payments of $400.

 Located on Tiernan Road, this parcel is one of our nicest wooded parcels and this is the first time we've put it for sale.  We purchased it from an individual so it was not a tax certificate.  The Ranches had an HOA and covenants in the early days, but they ran with the ownership and were never compulsory.  Costilla County's rules and regulations surpassed the original covenants. This parcel has lots of flat space, some hidden inside the parcel where the taller pinons are located, which allows for many options to camp or build.  It is still RAW land and requires a septic system, a water source and a power source (SOLAR) prior to building and getting county approval and proper permits.  We do not pretend that you can "live off grid" in this area, but having a parcel like this, relatively isolated, yet only 20 minutes to town on decent dirt roads, and having beautiful mountain views -- is a good start to a great experience in the southern Colorado mountains.  


Directions: Follow the Unit J-3 Directions and map above and continue on Tiernan and locate with the GPS coordinates.   

Plat Map M-3, 7895
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M-3.7895 coordinates and aerial
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Power lines running south along Icehouse Rd.
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Power lines, neighbor several lots to northeast
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Mike on Ice House, dwarfed by Blanca Massif
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Blanca Massif to the north
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Looking up to wooded western ridge of property
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View across Icehouse, with Power Pole
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Beautiful Pinon in front of Blanca Massif
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Another View Across Icehouse
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SDCR Unit T, Block 145, Lot 2608 -- 5.33 Acres -- $9,900 Cash/FastPay, or $11,900 Financed with $2,000 down followed by 40 monthly payments of $225 -- (18 Month Fast-Pay terms available - same as cash price.) POWER ALONG ROAD

This property has beautiful and awe-inspiring views of Blanca Massif and other mountains in the surrounding area. It is wooded with mature pinon trees, with power running along Ice House at the lower boundary of the lot. Mountain Home Reservoir is nearby - just continue down IceHouse Rd to go fishing and boating.   Elevation along Ice House is about 8,125', while the top of the property is at about 8,200'. Though this parcel is tucked-into a secluded pocket of the SDCR, Ft. Garland (with groceries, Post Office, gas and several restaurants) is just a 5-minute drive away. A well on nearby Lot 2521 is listed with the County at 157' depth. This lot is very adaptable for a driveway and building pad.

Directions: From Ft. Garland, head east on Highway 160 about 1.8 miles to the Trinchera Ranches entrance. Follow Trinchera Ranch Rd. to the first right turn, at Hodge Rd. Hodge dead-ends into Paine; turn right. Follow Paine about 1.5 miles to Ice House Rd.; turn left, stop, zero odometer, and drive about 0.7 miles and stop car. Lot 2608 straddles the bend in Ice House, with 190' uphill, 270' downhill.

Aerial showing distance to town and to Lake
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Plat map, property highlighted in green
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SDCR Unit X, Block 184, Lot 3292 CASH PRICE or pay in full in one year- $11,700-FINANCED: $13,000 - pay $3K down 50 payments of $200

Great area to build in for a home or cabin. Property is close to Electricity and Close to town for supplies. There are a moderate amount of mature pinons on the property and a great view towards Mt. Blanca. We also have a home in this Unit and it has been one of our favorites over the years to
 sell and watch be developed. Good dirt roads and year-round access.  This parel has a gentle slope from the road down toward the tree line where you would place a camping site or cabin.  Costilla County has a Land Use code and requires an approved septic system before building.  A cistern could be buried on this property and water delivered by the Sangre de Cristo Water Services.  They charge mileage and $100 for 1,000 minimum delivery quantity.  Solar would be good in this area positioned with panels facing the south-east direction.  

Plat with coordinates
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Directions from Fort Garland
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